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Stoopnagle's Scrapbook: MENU
Please excuse the horrible lack of design on this page, but I'm just so doggone anxious to get this scrapbook section of my website going that I'm tossing the frills, bells and whistles out the window (for the time being!).

What you'll find in this section is mainly 'stuff' actually found in F. Chase Taylor's scrapbooks as loaned to me by his son a few years back.  I've taken the liberty of also including a few pictures and other items from my own small collection of Stooperabilia to round things out.

So, enjoy these goodies collected by the Colonel himself, and come on back as I intend to add more in coming weeks!

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Page created June 6, 2007; updated June 9, 2007.  Copyright 1998-2007 by Richard D. Squires.