Circles by Col. Stoopnagle

            No wonder they call it a circle -- it's so round!  Notice how the inside comes precisely to the line and not one whit farther.  And how the outside can't possibly get in.  No corners is one of the principal things about a circle.  An oval has no corners, too, but they're not nearly as no corners as a circle has.  Circles are nice because we can go around in them.  Hardly anybody ever goes around in squares.  Every single place on the outside of a circle is the smae distance from the center as every other place.  You can't say that about a parallelopiped.

            Circles are often used to designate no runs on baseball scoreboards, and enough of them after some figure will show the national debt in round numbers.

            There is nothing at the present time as round as a circle.  But what with what science is accomplishing nowadays, doubtless there'll be something rounder before long.  I think circles would be a lot less dull if they were oval.

[From Saturday Evening Post, September 10, 1949]


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