C-Rhymes by Col. Stoopnagle

A skunk once needed extra gas, upon a summer's day;

He went to get his coupons from the local OPA.

The perfume pussy pestered them, and though they saw it through,

They told him in the future he'd be served by OPU.


Come, my pretty ingenue, the part that you deplore

Fits you to a T, my dear, it fits you to the core.

Please take the role and make with sobs and groans and grieves and cries;

Yes, take the part, my pretty one, and try it on for sighs.


Tug o' war's a peachy game -- you bend and jerk and bend;

I'm on our team of tug o' war -- the third jerk from the end. 

[From Saturday Evening Post, March 17, 1945]


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