Vice Verse by Col. Stoopnagle

Dogs don't laugh, it's not their stile;

You'll seldom see a canine smyle,

And once I owned a beagle howned

Who never smiled -- he always fround.


Ciggy sponsors always cokes

Me to change mt present smoax;

This surely complicates affeirs,

Because right now I'm smoking thairs!


People riding prone in hurses

Have no further need for nearses.


There's one good thing about a muel:

He never kicks for lack of fule;

To O. P. A. he never squalked.

He wawked.


Luckily nature gave us teath

With some above and some beneeth.


Once I paid a thousand sheckles

To have a guy remove my frekels;

A very interesting cace,

For due to him, I have no fase!


[From The American Legion Magazine, September 1946]


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