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- Return of the Colonel!
About F. Chase Taylor
- Part 1: The Early Years
- Part 2: The Stoopnagle & Budd Years
- Part 3: Going It Alone
Photos and Stuff (NEW!)

- International House
- Stoopnocracy NEW!
- The Inventors

- Second Guessers Incorporated

- Oh! to Be a Stoopnocrat Now That April's Here!
- Ali Theeva and the Forty Babs
- Prinderella and the Since
- Coffee
- Pancakes
- Kodak
- Those 999 1/2 Blues
- Colonel Speaknagle Stoopling!
- What's Ahead For 1946 and Thereafter
- Little-Known Men of Industry
- How to Make Fudge
- Golf's Toll
- How to See New York
- Softuel Q. Ballnagle's Softball Rules
- Trees Trimmed

- April Fool's Day
- How to Make a Livable Mansion Into an Old Broken Down Connecticut Red Barn
- The Beaver
- Circles
- The Connecticut Vegetable Garden
- C-Rhymes
- Stoopnagle on the Fair
- Colonel Stoopnagle's Fictionary (Unabashed)
- Glass
- Selections From Father Goosenagle
- Fun For Hallowe'en
- Interviews With Little-Known Men
- Who Invented Everything?
- Our Own Investment Department
- No Ordinary Murder
- The Pea Little Thrigs
- A Befuddled History of Photography
- Pic-ings by Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd, Guest Editors
- The Pig
- Post Scripts From the Saturday Evening Post
- The Post World War
- Profit and Loss
- Radio Just Around the Corner, Say Col. Stoopnagle & Budd
- Now You Seedum
- Sleep
- Tennis
- It Could Be Verse
- Vice Verse
- The American Woman
- Christmas at Grandma Stoopnagle's
- Stolen Yacht (A Radio Script)

Above:  An autographed picture of Stoopnagle and Budd during the height of their popularity.

I've just added a page for the duo's 1933 film 'Stoopnocracy.'  Take a look!

F. Chase Taylor, Jr. has passed away.  Please click here for more information.

Rick Squires
September 2008

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